Learning Should Always Be Fun


Stretch-n-Grow meets biweekly for approximately 40 minutes. Ms. Anna is the owner of the Dakota County Stretch-n-Grow and has a passion for fitness and teaching. Ms. Anna was a childcare provider for 8 years prior to becoming a stretch-n-grow instructor. She works hard to promote healthy lifestyle habits through lessons and physical activities. Please visit www.stretchngrow4kids.com for more information.

Once Upon a Star:

Once Upon a Star-Costume Kim meets once a month. Costume Kim was a teacher for 10 years before starting her own business. Costume Kim or one of her assistants visits the daycare each month showing a new costume and a new theme. She greatly promotes imagination and creative learning. The children adore her and look forward to each arrival. She is well known throughout the community and entertains for community education activities as well as birthday parties. Please visit www.costumestar.com for more information.

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